Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 8 EOC: Think Critically - Bowl Games

The number of bowl games have affected the TV ratings for the games, by cannibalising their own viewership. While it does lead to more opportunities for new viewership. To saturate the market to such an extent creates a perceived and very really knowledge gap to the first time view and any casual fan. Just to understand the system that is in place with the rankings of the teams and how they affect each other, can take years to truly understand. And even that's to a point. So yes the the number of bowl games are good as they showcase more high level talent for possible drafting scenarios, for the average consumer it lose the draw that a single game like the super bowl has.

The biggest thing that any bowl game has to be aware of is what other games are going on at that time. For the most part they take place during the end or start of the NFL's post season. So ensuring that it doesn't compete with a game that can have similar if not greater stakes depending on the ties to the game. This has been almost a non-issue due to Saturday usually being college footballs day and Sunday being the NFL's. But there are shifts in this with the post season, and new broadcasting slots. Though promoters have to be careful, with how they promote the game, as though in professional league play they can simply chose the player that stands out and make a more intimate experience following that one player. College football has stricter regulations regarding the promotion of players limiting the ability to incentives them to do commercial support. As well as the college themselves having a desire to take up air time to promote the institution for potential students outside of the sports focus. So there isn't the same connection to players, so the need for "big" games for more than just two colleges out weighs the need for a connected overall championship. 

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