Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Week 5 EOC: Super Bowl Half Time Show

Lin-Manuel Miranda and/or Trey Parker and Matt Stone creating a musical number / Short formate Broadway style show for the half time show. While it may seem out of the norm, I merely point out that the show they are know for is extremely popular, as well as meeting a wide audiance. While Trey Parker and Matt Stone are known for South Park, they are also know for Book of Moromon a very successful broadway show. "Most people who attend a Super Bowl will have to travel to another location and spend one or more nights at a hotel. A major reason for a city to want to host an event such as the Super Bowl is to attract out-of-town visitors." 113. I think the combination of the spectacle of the Super bowl with the focus on the show vs the individual artiest for the show would be a good change in pace but still bring people to view it based on the scarcity of their regular shows. 

Now this may seem like widening out their focus for the market but considering both the super bowl and broadway shows have the potential to bring in some of the highest premiums on ticket prices the combination of both can give a true value to the fans. "Because it would be impossible to satisfy the needs of every consumer, businesses must narrow down the focus of their marketing efforts. 46". This value and expansion into more serious art forms as a main stage event for such a highly seen spectacle, would allow for a new era of legitimacy for the NFL giving it potential to reach a wider audience. "If a U.S. sports and entertainment business wants to enter the global marketplace, it must have a website to reach potential customers and fans from around the world. Although English is the international language of business, providing information in the native language of website visitors can make a difference." 109". The ability to showcase entertainment in a universally understood way such as theater performance, I believe would have a better impact on international markets. Even though performance artist can hold their own, I believe telling a story in a performance would be more closely compared to the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  

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