Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 8 EOC: Advertising Issues

1.     Falsely announcing the wrong winner of best picture
This by far is the biggest thing to come out of the Oscars, because it is the biggest award they have to give. This mishap has a lot of fingers going every which way, with them finally resting on the fact they were given the wrong envelope, or the fact that Faye Dunaway just read it like Warren Beatty was just having a “senior” moment. Though there can be a lot of critism and I personal was horrified at the result. In a way it is an amazing moment to have, were my all signs you’ve lost only to have the show stop and say you’ve won. What it does for advertisement is simple the word spread like wild fire and there really wasn’t anything to hate besides simple human error. A another way to look at it would be what if Moonlight was announced as the winner and then told it was actually La La Land.
2.     Iranian Director not showing up to accept the award
This really isn’t anything crazy as it is the usual sounding board for a lot of people when they accept their awards. Though this makes a simple statement and in today’s time there is a very polarization between the issues and this brings it right up there. Though I don’t think it was unexpected it’s just more fuel to the fire.
3.     Jimmy Kimmel’s act with Matt Damon.

This is just something fun to talk about, though it might have gone a bit far when they didn’t even announce his name. But it was light hearted, and both have a good following and it has the ability to spin off as a regular reoccurring bit. Like Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon on the tonight show. Which is on another network.  

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