Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Week 11 EOC: What I learned at the Well

The information that I received in this class was meaningful to a certain degree. It truly tested my ability to consider different industries almost simultaneously when discussing topics in class. I think the one element that was sort of a flop was the assignment to go out and network. Though I have previous experience with it, from my previous school. It didn't seem like my classmates truly understood it, and though at its core it's just meeting people and staying in touch with them. There is an art to making the approach and the getting in position to do so. I think there was a missed opportunity to bring career services in and do a quick run down on how networking events usually go through out their time, what you should look to get from a first meeting, and the proper ways to follow up with the people you meet.
Because while getting their information is critical it's my opinion that is almost better to not have met them at all if you are just going to let it slip to the side. Which leads to the second part that I wish would have been covered a bit more, and that's the hierarchy of positions in the industry. Understanding who out ranks who is important, but it's also about knowing the steps you're going to need to take to get to the position you desire. Which could tie into the networking by making a student find someone who is in a position under the one they want and do an informational interview with them to discuss how they got there, what they are doing to move forward and what factors have been important in their career development. Simple presentation and even with a small class we'll be able to get a stronger understanding about the market that is around us and have growing circle of industry professionals in the area that will have a growing interest in the success of students in the program. Though it should be noted that murphy's law is always around so some faculty involvement to ensure that the Ai name doesn't get smeared by a lack luster student for the benefit for all others involved.
Other than that the information that I learn was a great foundation to this degree and I look forward to future progress.

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