Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 10 EOC: The Promoter

Compare and contrast the role of a promoter and the role of baton.

Baton was a promoter with in the story of Rudo y Cursi

I think it is important to clarify that a direct comparison wouldn't be exactly fair to the difference of culture and reality. While there may be cause to argue about the moral issues of the deals that took place,  he really only stepped over the line at the end when he sought to fix the game. Otherwise he was a perfect for the role he was in, as he new how to entice new talent to the life he could give. Even if that wasn't the case he could keep them motivated while at the same time keeping up the people who ran things in the area to make sure he was always looked after. "Promoter: a person who organizes and provides financial backing for a sporting event or entertainment." http://www.dictionary.com/browse/promoter, though what seems small he did in fact give both brothers a room to live in as well as food with shrimp.

It might not be the most glorifying thing out there but the job of the promoter is to love the project they are talking about no matter what their actual feelings are towards the product. It is really the only way to be successful, that is why they work with percentages. To ensure mutual success between both parties. "We are looking for a pleasant and competitive Promoter that thrives in attracting new customers. The successful candidate will play a fundamental role in achieving our ambitious customer acquisition and revenue growth objectives." https://resources.workable.com/promoter-job-description. 

Really the only difference between Baton and a promoter in the US market would be paperwork. The need to have your bases covered legally would be the only thing that differs, even though I am sure Baton had it within his means to do so legally too. The pursuit of immediate success clearly was a larger motivator. "They work with agents, or in some cases, directly with the bands, and with clubs and concert venues to arrange for a show to take place."https://www.thebalance.com/music-promoter-2460880

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