Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Week 11 EOC: What I learned at the Well

The information that I received in this class was meaningful to a certain degree. It truly tested my ability to consider different industries almost simultaneously when discussing topics in class. I think the one element that was sort of a flop was the assignment to go out and network. Though I have previous experience with it, from my previous school. It didn't seem like my classmates truly understood it, and though at its core it's just meeting people and staying in touch with them. There is an art to making the approach and the getting in position to do so. I think there was a missed opportunity to bring career services in and do a quick run down on how networking events usually go through out their time, what you should look to get from a first meeting, and the proper ways to follow up with the people you meet.
Because while getting their information is critical it's my opinion that is almost better to not have met them at all if you are just going to let it slip to the side. Which leads to the second part that I wish would have been covered a bit more, and that's the hierarchy of positions in the industry. Understanding who out ranks who is important, but it's also about knowing the steps you're going to need to take to get to the position you desire. Which could tie into the networking by making a student find someone who is in a position under the one they want and do an informational interview with them to discuss how they got there, what they are doing to move forward and what factors have been important in their career development. Simple presentation and even with a small class we'll be able to get a stronger understanding about the market that is around us and have growing circle of industry professionals in the area that will have a growing interest in the success of students in the program. Though it should be noted that murphy's law is always around so some faculty involvement to ensure that the Ai name doesn't get smeared by a lack luster student for the benefit for all others involved.
Other than that the information that I learn was a great foundation to this degree and I look forward to future progress.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 10 EOC: The Promoter

Compare and contrast the role of a promoter and the role of baton.

Baton was a promoter with in the story of Rudo y Cursi

I think it is important to clarify that a direct comparison wouldn't be exactly fair to the difference of culture and reality. While there may be cause to argue about the moral issues of the deals that took place,  he really only stepped over the line at the end when he sought to fix the game. Otherwise he was a perfect for the role he was in, as he new how to entice new talent to the life he could give. Even if that wasn't the case he could keep them motivated while at the same time keeping up the people who ran things in the area to make sure he was always looked after. "Promoter: a person who organizes and provides financial backing for a sporting event or entertainment." http://www.dictionary.com/browse/promoter, though what seems small he did in fact give both brothers a room to live in as well as food with shrimp.

It might not be the most glorifying thing out there but the job of the promoter is to love the project they are talking about no matter what their actual feelings are towards the product. It is really the only way to be successful, that is why they work with percentages. To ensure mutual success between both parties. "We are looking for a pleasant and competitive Promoter that thrives in attracting new customers. The successful candidate will play a fundamental role in achieving our ambitious customer acquisition and revenue growth objectives." https://resources.workable.com/promoter-job-description. 

Really the only difference between Baton and a promoter in the US market would be paperwork. The need to have your bases covered legally would be the only thing that differs, even though I am sure Baton had it within his means to do so legally too. The pursuit of immediate success clearly was a larger motivator. "They work with agents, or in some cases, directly with the bands, and with clubs and concert venues to arrange for a show to take place."https://www.thebalance.com/music-promoter-2460880

Week 10 EOC: It's an Art

I would look to buy real estate or other such investments, that for a nominal amount of work I could make a small profit or just break even until they're payed off. I don't know how much I would invest in such an endeavor, but the concept is simple. If all else fails at least I know I have a place to stay and assets and income I can count on.

That being said, I would go on an adventure, I would be sure to film or document it in such a way to possibly make a living off the process itself. To see the world would be amazing, but I don't think I could ever truly stop working. As such the money would be used to invest in my own and others endeavors to promote community values.

The key to all of this is that I would use the money to make more money in a non-passive way, but still passive enough that  I would be able to step away from it with little to no notice. Not that I would like to flake but I love to go on random trips when the mood strikes me.

I don't know what else  I would do with it, but I do know that sitting around and doing nothing was nice at one point in my life. But currently I don't think I will ever be capable of it again. To be specific, I am able to sit around and relax, just at the same time I am thinking or just a step away from forming an idea and running with. As such a fluid life would be my goal.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 9 EOC: I am a little worried about my future.

I don't know if I can say that I am actually worried about my future. It is not that I don't think about it, or the fact that at times it can be an anxiety inducing subject. Rather it is more what I am and have left behind to get there. The career path that I desire will put me on a path that will have me working with a lot of people, but will limit my freedom of action. As I will be responsible for more than just myself.

It is not that I don't wish to pursue this path, but once on there will be limited ability to leave or break from the path. I've been off the beaten path for so long, and I've enjoyed almost all of it but once I am off there will be no going back without substantial consequences. As my very ability to keep going on the path will become a selling point to keep me going.

I have a desire to be in a leadership position, so the responsibility to others is something that take very seriously. So though I don't know if the things I will be doing will have anything that will stress me out directly the commitment to the team around me is what I fear the most.

I would like to think that I could get a quality team around me but I've been screw over before and I know it will happen again. But I know that I will need to adjust how I react to that happening again, it's just something that I don't really want to deal with right now. Though I don't know a single person that has a desire to have that happen it, so I just need to do it now because it's time.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 8 EOC: Think Critically - Bowl Games

The number of bowl games have affected the TV ratings for the games, by cannibalising their own viewership. While it does lead to more opportunities for new viewership. To saturate the market to such an extent creates a perceived and very really knowledge gap to the first time view and any casual fan. Just to understand the system that is in place with the rankings of the teams and how they affect each other, can take years to truly understand. And even that's to a point. So yes the the number of bowl games are good as they showcase more high level talent for possible drafting scenarios, for the average consumer it lose the draw that a single game like the super bowl has.

The biggest thing that any bowl game has to be aware of is what other games are going on at that time. For the most part they take place during the end or start of the NFL's post season. So ensuring that it doesn't compete with a game that can have similar if not greater stakes depending on the ties to the game. This has been almost a non-issue due to Saturday usually being college footballs day and Sunday being the NFL's. But there are shifts in this with the post season, and new broadcasting slots. Though promoters have to be careful, with how they promote the game, as though in professional league play they can simply chose the player that stands out and make a more intimate experience following that one player. College football has stricter regulations regarding the promotion of players limiting the ability to incentives them to do commercial support. As well as the college themselves having a desire to take up air time to promote the institution for potential students outside of the sports focus. So there isn't the same connection to players, so the need for "big" games for more than just two colleges out weighs the need for a connected overall championship. 

Week 8 EOC: Advertising Issues

1.     Falsely announcing the wrong winner of best picture
This by far is the biggest thing to come out of the Oscars, because it is the biggest award they have to give. This mishap has a lot of fingers going every which way, with them finally resting on the fact they were given the wrong envelope, or the fact that Faye Dunaway just read it like Warren Beatty was just having a “senior” moment. Though there can be a lot of critism and I personal was horrified at the result. In a way it is an amazing moment to have, were my all signs you’ve lost only to have the show stop and say you’ve won. What it does for advertisement is simple the word spread like wild fire and there really wasn’t anything to hate besides simple human error. A another way to look at it would be what if Moonlight was announced as the winner and then told it was actually La La Land.
2.     Iranian Director not showing up to accept the award
This really isn’t anything crazy as it is the usual sounding board for a lot of people when they accept their awards. Though this makes a simple statement and in today’s time there is a very polarization between the issues and this brings it right up there. Though I don’t think it was unexpected it’s just more fuel to the fire.
3.     Jimmy Kimmel’s act with Matt Damon.

This is just something fun to talk about, though it might have gone a bit far when they didn’t even announce his name. But it was light hearted, and both have a good following and it has the ability to spin off as a regular reoccurring bit. Like Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon on the tonight show. Which is on another network.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 7 EOC: Profile Statement

3 Profile Statements for resumes

To create meaningful content that will maximize the spread of my core values. Helping raise my own and other's, ability to succeed in an ever changing world.

My main goal is to provide my skills and training to those who are in need of it. To seek out the causes and business that are missing my niche set of abilities. Building meaningful relationships within my own and surrounding communities to help promote sustained growth.

The singular question I ask myself before I decide to work on any project is simply, will I be able to leave it better than it was. I am extremely loyal but I have a niche skill set that is geared more towards growth and expansion for a company, sustaining the growth is crucial to the success. The ability to pass it down to help others grow is crucial to me.