Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 2 EOC: the Deeper Meaning to Swingers

The deeper meaning of the movie is the like they said when talking about the beautiful girls that come to Los Angeles, it is a community / area of the world where everyone is on a constant grind to get where they're going. In a world where who you know is the most important thing you can watch as people go out there and try to meet all the right connections. The fact that Mikey is new to this and is in the middle of a break up, highlights the struggle that people face when they are unfocused at the task at hand. This is shown very clearly in there Las Vegas trip, as Mikey assumes that a mere waitress won't actually know what it takes to get a gig as a comedian. Instead he is thrown back as he realizes what he thought would go over her head was something she was all too familiar with. Showcasing the fact that everyone you meet is usually some way shape or form connected to the industry at hand. Showing Mikey's struggle to separate his personal and his professional, visually shown when he is out with his cousin and his friend that focus on the roles that they've gotten only to shift over to his other friends who care about nothing else at the moment then the girls sitting right in front of them. The fact of the matter is they all agree that Mikey is in fact “money”, but he just doesn’t see it. Well in my opinion he isn’t noticing it because he’s to busy sitting on both sides of the fence, if he were to sit down and focus on each side he would realize he has it pretty good, a fact that is finally brought to his attention when he meets the girl at the end of the movie when she uses his own words against him.

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